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The impossible dream comes true on The Voice

Sunday night's phenomenal final performances on The Voice saw the epic Blind Auditions wrap, as superstar coaches Jason Derulo and Jessica Mauboy filled the last remaining spots on their team.

Callum Warrender, 28 from Victoria, blew the coaches away as he secured the final place on Team Jason with a breathtaking performance of Josh Groban’s take on The Impossible Dream from the musical Man Of La Mancha.  

With only Jess and Jason’s teams still open, Rita and Guy were peeking over their chairs as Callum’s mind-blowing voice received a standing ovation. A vulnerable Callum, who has loved musical theatre since he was a teen, shared his experiences with rejection: “I have struggled with my career but unfortunately when you don’t fit the mould the doors don’t open.”

The coaches empathised, as Jason revealed: “I was a musical theatre kid. I auditioned day-in day-out and had so many doors shut in my face until one day I got a yes.”

Callum said: “This is the best moment of my life.”

Dan Daniels, 58 from country Victoria, leads a solitary life admitting: “Out where I live, I might not talk for days… I’ve gone a month without even seeing another person, you get used to that life.” Dan’s mesmerising performance of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire turned both Jess and Jason’s chairs. 

Dan chose Team Jess who marvelled at his “Nick Cave quality of storytelling.”

Shyjana, 24 from Western Sydney, lost everything in a house fire in 2019. After her performance of Castles by Freya Ridings had both Jess and Jason pitching for the young star, she joined Team Jess, with the coach claiming: “You just scream pop star to me.”

Victorian Nenah Jones, 18, scored the final spot on Jess’ team. Nenah’s “angelic” voice on David Bowie’s iconic Heroes captivated Jess, who declared: “That was most perfect audition I have ever seen on this show!”

Nenah shared the song was dedicated to her brother Marcus, who was diagnosed with cancer last year. Jason admitted: “I was touched by that performance,” declaring her Blind Audition a figurative four-chair turn.

Despite not turning any chairs, Candice Casagrande, 37 from NSW, touched the coaches with her “hauntingly beautiful voice” on Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold.  

Monday 7.30pm on The Voice: After the showstopping Blind Auditions, artists now face The Callbacks as the fight to stay in the competition intensifies. 

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