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The 1% Club is back!

Get ready Australia, 2023’s #1 new entertainment show, The 1% Club, returns 7pm Sunday, 22 October on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Hosted by uproarious comedian Jim Jefferies, The 1% Club is back to deliver more laughs and d’oh moments that separate the brilliant from the boneheads.

In this hilarious quiz show, 100 everyday Aussies of all ages and backgrounds play for their chance at $100,000 and the opportunity to join the elite ranks of the 1%.

Unlike most quizzes, they don’t need to be rocket scientists, general knowledge isn’t what players need to excel. This game is all about logic and common sense. 

Play along at home to see if you are smarter than 99% of the population and can make it to the 1% question: something only brainiacs can crack.

The 1% Club - returns 7.00pm Sunday, 22 October on Channel 7 and 7plus


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