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Shortland Street finds new home in Australia

The long-running and hugely popular New Zealand drama series, Shortland Street has found a new home in Australia, on 7plus.

Streaming free on 7plus from Monday, 3 July, with new episodes dropping 3.00pm weekdays, Shortland Street will resume screening in Australia from one of the biggest cliff-hangers in the show’s 30-year history, where the staff of the hospital were left in shock as flames overtook the building.

Shortland Street is an engaging and entertaining combination of high stakes medical drama, romance and suspense, now in its 31st year on screen.

The series has seen over 1.5 million New Zealand viewers on average per week tune in to watch more than 7,000 episodes, as their favourite Ferndale residents deal with love, life and loss while they navigate their personal and professional lives.

Shortland Street is streaming free, 3.00pm weekdays from Monday, 3 July on 7plus.

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