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Jason’s supergroup snub

Sunday night on The Voice, superstar coaches Jessica Mauboy and Jason Derulo soared with the first performance together of their new single Give You Love, before the artists from Team Jason and Team Guy went head-to-head in the Battle arena to secure a life-changing spot in the Semi Final.

Performing the same song in a captivating duet, one artist from each Battle was eliminated, leaving three winners remaining. In a tough decision for Jason and Guy, one winner received a Semi Final fast pass – sending them directly to the next stage – while the remaining Battle winners faced off in a Sing For Your Life.

After breaking the rules in the previous round, Jason’s epic three-way Battle between musical theatre maestro Callum Warrender, rocker Alex Jeans and opera singer Andrew Taylor Knight saw the trio perform You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and leave Jason requesting more time to decide his Battle winner, before offering another extraordinary proposal.

Asking all three performers to create a supergroup, he left their future in their hands: “Separately you are really unbelievable. Together as a group you are unstoppable; so, my question to you is: will the three of you as a unit join me for the Semi Final?”

Overwhelmed, Callum, Alex and Andrew took a moment to discuss the proposal. Rita, Guy and Jessica were shocked but ultimately agreed with the move, as Rita observed: “They are incredible together, it does make sense.” 

On behalf of the trio, Callum responded: “The offer is so incredible, and it just warms out hearts that you even think that is a possibly… but together we have decided that we are singular artists. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our artistry enough separately that one of us still deserves a spot in that Semi Final.”

Astonished after they rejected his supergroup proposal, Jason sent a shocked Callum to the Semi Final.

Jason’s “ready-made artist” Ethan Beckton secured a Semi Final fast pass after he won his battle against Etienne Steven performing Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine.

Guy awarded Charlie Pittman his Semi Final fast pass after he won the ballad battle against Robbie Hunt. Their emotional performance of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars earnt a standing ovation as the singers shared their vulnerability and grief, bonding over the recent loss of their fathers.  

Guy commented that Charlie is: “Someone who has a lot left in the tank to give, someone who legitimately I see will be a stayer and have some level of industry success.”

Team Guy’s Bella Mackenzie also secured a life-changing Semi Final place after winning her Battle with Jaydean Miranda and Sing For Your Life against Marley Sola. On his decision, Guy shared: “The thing that is guiding my gut is really about who I can help the most.”

Bella said: “This is my shot to start off my career. I want to be that Australian touring artist playing stadiums all over the world”.

Sunday's eliminated artists were Alex Jeans, Andrew Taylor Knight, Calista Nelmes and Etienne Steven from Team Jason and Marley Sola, Robbie Hunt and Elly Poletti from Team Guy.

Semi Finalists:

Team Guy – Bella Mackenzie and Charlie Pittman
Team Jason – Callum Warrender and Ethan Beckton

The Voice continues 7.00pm Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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