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Food maestros fail to walk the talk

Food maestros and hospo housemates Nick and Christian talked a big game, but struggled to put their money where their guests mouths were in tonight’s MKR.

The competition heated up at the fifth instant restaurant, as Coco and Pearls – sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard – hoped the boys stumbled. “I want them to fail tonight. I’ll say it like I want their demise in order to have a second chance,” Coco said.

When Nick and Christian presented their menu to the guests, their risky entrée of Kangaroo Tartare with Saltbush and Potato Crisps divided the table, with some finding it daunting. Once served, it was a huge hit. 

Colin thought the entrée was a “clever start and full of flavour”, but expected some more potato crisps on the side. Manu, on the other hand, couldn’t fault the dish and called it “top notch”. 

The boys were thrilled with the feedback from the judges and felt the top of the leaderboard was within reach, but their main of Chargrilled Swordfish with Jalapeno and Corn Salsa and Nduja Butter left mixed reviews.

The guests collectively agreed that the food maestros had failed to reach the culinary heights they had promised. 

The swordfish was missing char and seasoning, but what disappointed Manu more was that the boys didn’t taste the dish before bringing it to the table: “You are in the business, yeah? Hearing this from you is upsetting.” 

The feedback was a kick in the gut for the team, who vowed to never repeat their mistake.

With their fate riding on dessert, the boys were confident they could still gun for the top spot, but didn’t bank on their cake coming out wet and too sweet.

Nick and Christian’s dessert of Sokolatopita with Orange Crème Fraiche was a total flop before even making it out of the kitchen.

Too late to bake a new cake, the team had no choice but to serve the half-baked dessert. “Walking this dish out, I’m not proud of what we are putting down in front of our guests,” Christian said. 

The judges and guest teams all agreed the cake was a wet mess. 

After two flop dishes from the team, Coco and Pearls saw a glimmer of hope. But despite a low combined score of 28 from the guests, Nick and Christian placed above Coco and Pearls with a score of 66/110. 


Judges’ Scores





Manu Feildel





Colin Fassnidge





Total Score



MKR Team Scores


Tommy and Rach


Sonia and Marcus 


Radha and Prabha


Coco and Pearls


Claudean and Anthony


Guest Score


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Wednesday night on MKR: After critiquing harshly across five instant restaurants, married battlers Claudean and Anthony hope to avoid elimination by impressing judges and guests alike.

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