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Prepare to dive in to the most radical and extreme dating experience ever seen on television.

Stranded On Honeymoon Island, coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus, will see 12 unlucky singles with nothing to lose take a leap of faith like never before.

Having exhausted every dating prospect on home turf, these hopeful singles are down to their last resort: a remote dating journey. 

After a speed dating event, couples will be matched and marry, before they are dramatically stranded on a deserted island for 21 days in nothing but their wedding attire.

Removed from all modern dating obstacles, with no devices, no distractions, and nowhere to hide, these brave couples will live and breathe their new relationship.

Stranded On Honeymoon Island is narrated by broadcaster Jackie O, one of Australia’s most successful and high-profile radio personalities. 

Will love bloom in paradise or will their dreams of a happy ending be forever Stranded On Honeymoon Island?

Stranded On Honeymoon Island - coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus


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