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Explosive six-part 7NEWS docuseries hits 7plus

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, led one of the most unprecedented presidencies in modern American history.

From descending the golden escalator to the moment he left office, 7NEWS covered every significant moment.

Featuring contemporaneous reporting and new interviews with the journalists who witnessed it all, including 7NEWS former US Bureau Chief of 20 years Mike Amor, former US Correspondent Amelia Brace, current US Correspondent Tim Lester and senior reporter Paul Kadak, the docuseries will dissect the Trump playbook and look at what lessons can be learned, if any, for the upcoming election.

Amor, who covered five presidential campaigns during his two decades in the US reporting for 7NEWS, said: “We all knew Donald Trump would be a different president, that was obvious. But we also believed that once in the White House, the power of the office and the responsibility would make him less unpredictable.

“After two decades in the US, marrying an American and living there for so long, I felt the America that I left in 2018 was more divisive than ever before. There was so much anger. You couldn’t have a discussion on politics without often there being anger, sometimes violence. I felt like it was tearing itself apart.

“We don’t know whether Trump will get his second term. If he does get into power, will he be even more unconventional? Will there still be adults in the room to keep him on the path, or will he throw all those so-called adults out and have the enablers beside him so he can do what he likes, when he likes, to whom he likes?”  

The Trump Presidency: As It Happened Exclusive to 7plus and streaming now


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