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D-Day on Million Dollar Island

In an explosive week of Million Dollar Island, the remaining 45 contestants plot to keep their friends close and their enemies starving. And in a tense survival challenge, camp rivalry threatens to boil over before a shocking revelation at elimination changes the game forever.

Alliances and friendships have been formed with contestants battling each other and starvation for the life-changing $1 million prize pot on Million Dollar Island. But in this game of survival, the enemy is closer than they think, with betrayal and deceit only a challenge away. 

Having won the wheel spin advantage, forty-two-year-old furniture removalist Jake will play for the biggest prize to date. But when it comes to nominations, will he choose money over friendship? 

And D-Day has arrived for players with a single wristband. Having played their game from the shadows until now, they’re pushed into the limelight. Will they fly or fall?  

On Million Dollar Island, alliances mean everything, and friendships are worth a fortune. 

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